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Clubs are back ! 

Whithin the JellyClubs, you'll find activities for all tastes, ranging from the sports club, to cooking club, not to mention our gamers or our artist who will also have the opportunity to get together.


Of course if you want to do an activity that is not on the list, you will soon be able to come up with some ideas, as long as you keep a promise of attendance.

JellyClub_Background_Plan de travail 1.png

JellySport Club

Run, jump, shoot and aim for the trophies! In the Sports Club, you’re here to sweat and then eat all the junk food you want without remorse!

JellyMovies Club

What do Bailey Sarian and Quentin Tarantino have in common? Storytelling skills and some weird taste for murders. Movie club is here for all the film lovers who want to watch, discuss and learn!

JellyCuisine Club

For discerning palates, cordon-bleu and novices, there is something for all tastes and all chefs!

If you’re into board games, video games or Games of Thrones, this is the right place for you. Battle, challenge, play and have fun!

JellyGames Club

JellyArts Club

Where Culture meets Jellysmackers, and helps them unleash the artist within. Draw, sing, dance and maybe create one or two NFTs.


JellyPlants Club

Do you want to learn how to become the best Jellygardener ever ?
Join our plants clubs to share and learn tips, tricks and best practices about plants, flowers and gardening 

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